Lady Mercier Wants YOU!

My Fellow Readers,

I, Lady Mercier, want YOU.  In attempts to achieve the unthinkable, to dream the impossible dream, this little bartendress needs your help.  The mission?  Please be seated.

Having had an unexpected (and encouraging) response to this virtual rag- coupled with a Scotch induced revelation- I have decided to set the bar a bit beyond my reach.  Remember Pluto?  The bar resides just beyond its previous residence.

The Mission:

1) Compile a collection of short stories.

2) Apply my collegiate degree and actually edit the stories.

3) Pitch the now edited rag to a publisher and come out with a…

4)  Book. Remember those?

However, this mission cannot commence without YOU.  I want YOU to choose your top stories (however many you may have), and email them to me.  The best way to communicate your vote to me, is to comment on the actual story.  There are two benefits to this method: 1) I can keep track of which stories are getting the most votes and 2) the more traffic is recorded on my site, the more exposure I potentially get on search engines.

It’s a long shot and I’ve got nothing to lose.  If Justin Bieber can confirm an appointment with the Prime Minister of Israel, and if Snookie can not only make the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine and be praised- but publish the editorial equivalent of Fukushima recounting her philosophical love affair with skate shoe slippers- than I, Lady Mercier can sure as hell try to publish a book! Or a Kindle equivalent.

There is a 99.99% chance that you think the bar’s new setting, is a fucking joke.  In which case I say to you, “Shut up and humor me.”

I look forward to announcing and editing the finalists.


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One response to “Lady Mercier Wants YOU!

  1. Susanna Dewey (!)

    I’m in.

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