The Hot(el) Files

My Fellow Readers,

To your advantage and my potential demise, has a complete gem fallen into my hands.  Recently, a chain hotel in my town has temporarily lost its liquor license.  No juicy gossip, simply faulty paperwork on their lawyer’s behalf while changing ownership.  How does this apply to the bartendress?  My ever-helpful boss has negotiated a temporary situation, in which we use our catering license so that previously booked events (weddings, conventions, etc…), could still have a bar rather than either explaining that their event is now a dry one, or losing the business all together.  This hotel chain may consider cannonizing my boss into sainthood, for he has saved its ASS.

How is this advantageous to you?  I have been assigned to work these caters.  How might this kill me?  Read and find out.

With no further ado, I present to thee a series of stories based on these hotel caters: The Hot(el) Files.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the (shit) show.


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One response to “The Hot(el) Files

  1. Susanna

    Strange stuff. If you aren’t from NM how could you even visualize it?
    Good to have you back, tho…and you sound a little more like the ghost of Hunter S. Thompson, in the lizard heads you experienced.
    Do many on,

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